Shortcodes will help you create a professional looking website in no time. All shortcodes can be inserted into your web content directly from WordPress WYSIWYG editor using our custom built AIT Buttons. Shortcodes can be used anywhere in pages, posts and also in widgets. That means you can put professionally looking content into your sidebar, inside or outside footer as well.

Common Useful Shortcodes

To create or combine all of the shortcodes you may need this universal types of shortcodes. It’s recommanded to wrap complicated shortcodes to .. shortcode to disable WP autoformatting.

[lang=en] .. content .. [/lang]
Content will be displayed in English language version only.
This shortcode can be useful for the widget's titles or other textareas, too.

[raw] .. content .. [/raw] // Disables WP autoformatting

[rule] // Classic horizontal rule

[rule_top] // Horizontal rule with TOP button


Plan de fertilizare

Plan de

Planul de fertilizare al unei culturi consta in adoptarea unor masuri care sa asigure plantelor de cultura pe toata perioada lor de vegetatie necesarul de apa si elemente nutritive conform speciei si fazei de dezvoltare al plantelor.

Plan de protectie

Plan de

Planul de protectie al unei culturii este definit ca totalitatea masurilor tehnologice ce trebuie implementate si care contribuie la optimizarea factorilor de crestere si dezvoltare al plantelor de cultura (asolamentul, masuri de prevenire si combatere a buruienior, bolilor si daunatorilor, alti factori restrictivi cum sunt: arsita, seceta etc).



Asolamentul reprezinta impartirea suprafetei agricole a unei ferme in sole pe care plantele de cultura se succed in spatiu si in timp, intr-o ordine bine stabilita si pe care se aplica tehnologiile de cultura specifice culturilor agricole din asolament.